Volunteering on Mr. Gyamfi’s farm in Amanasi

Help today because tomorrow you may be the one who
needs more helping!

Volunteering on Mr. Gyamfi’s farm in Amanasi

Volunteering on Mr. Gyamfi’s farm in Amanasi

Written By Ernest Boabramah

SmileProject Ghana on the 24th of January, volunteered in the Eastern part of the country. Volunteering has been a  great way to learn more about farming and gardening.  Spending time on the farm inspires us to  grow more of our local crops for consumption. We would like to spend more of our time to promote local food and agriculture education for students, and support local farmers by growing a sustainable food system for everyone in the entire country.

About us

SmileProject Ghana Foundation (SPG) is a Voluntary Non-Governmental Organisation registered under societies and the Ghana company house registration Act with registration number CG017792012. SPG was formed under the strong mind of three young guys who thinks of the society and of the people and the community at large.


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